Steel Panther – 4.12.17

All I can say is WOW! I had such an amazing time at Steel Panther! This had been my third time on stage with Steel Panther. I have been lucky enough to go on 4 KISS Kruises that really have the band KISS on them!

I got called on stage for what I thought was the start of "17 Girls In A Row, but that wasn't true.... I had been called up to get serenaded! Each member of the band sang me a little song they had made up. It was very embarrassing considering my parents were there, but it was well worth the embarrassment! After the serenading was over, Michael started singing "Girl from Oklahoma" which has got to be one of my favorite songs! I, of course, knew every word and sang along. Ralph then put the microphone up to me to sing, and he was blown away, to say at the least. I couldn't believe I didn't choke up as much as I thought I would since I was so nervous to be on stage in front of 1500+ people watching! Ralph gave me a vocal challenge, which I was confident about, until the end where my vocal cords don't reach, haha. After that was done, I got to choose 4 girls to come on stage with me to dance and sing to "17 Girls In A Row" and that was amazing!

After all of us girls got off stage, we were handed a "Backstage Pass" for after the show. Whoever stayed almost an hour and a half later than the show got to meet the band (which I already have, but of course I took up the opportunity! I had a really nice conversation with Ralph, and he introduced me to the owner of the building which opened some doors for me. I saw Lexxi (Travis Haley) and I ran and hugged him! I don't normally bombard famous people, but I just love Travis so much that I had to. We talked about some things we did on the Kruise and how we were excited to be on it again! We looked through his phone and he showed me pictures of the other shows he had done and some of his selfies, cause he's a selfie queen. My step dad and Travis pinkie promised that Travis was my chaperone for the Kruise, so it looks like I will be spending a lot of time with the guys on that trip! Satchel (Russ Parish) and I talked a little about his family, and about the Green Bay game that we had watched together previously on the KISS KRUISE. We had so much fun. Stix Zadinia (Darren Leader) unfortunately didn't stay out for too long and I didn't get to talk to him, but we had talked before on the Kruise. Needless to say, this concert was by far one of the best I have ever gone to, and I wish it had never ended! I would go back in a heartbeat!

Thanks again to Russ, Ralph, Darren and my Travis! Can't wait to party with them in 200 days when we set sail for KISS KRUISE 7!



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