Back from KISS Kruise VIII, my sixth year!
What an amazing time! I was interested to see how the Kruise would play out without the photo factored in. I do have to say that there were some new activities, but nothing will ever top the photo with KISS! I do with that KISS would have reconsidered it. Nonetheless, the Kruise was an amazing time. Bands such as Beth Blade and The Beautiful Disasters, Lucifer, Vintage Trouble, Hard Days Night, Magnetico, Teaze, The New Roses and Thundermother. There were some bigger names such as Ace Frehley and his band, Bruce Kulick and his band, and The Dead Daisies. Everyone sounded amazing and I was lucky enough to catch most of the shows!

I went to KISS show number 1. This meant that I was able to see the very first show on the End of The Road tour with KISS’ new costumes. This was an extremely amazing show for me knowing I was able to be at their first Farewell show. At the end of the concert, Paul announced KISS Kruise IX. This is setting sail October 30th until November 4th out of Miami and on the Norwegian Pearl. For more information, click HERE.

To get a chance to book KKIX, you must sign up for the pre-sale! Don’t miss out. As far as the KISS Navy knows, there will only be a KKIX and a KKX left in the books for KISS.




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