Fernway – “An Ache for Distant Places”

As a band that I formally met as Rescue Dawn back in 2015 at the California Brew Haus, I knew that they would go places. As Rescue Dawn, I fell in love with each song and for different reasons. Their style was similar to the sound of Fall out Boy and The 1975, as mentioned in their bio on Facebook, and maybe that’s why I liked them so much. The four guys amazed me with their talents and I didn’t know it would continue to get better and better. Mid-September, Rescue Dawn shared with us a photo on Facebook that read “An Ache for Distant Places” and nothing else. Soon everyone was introduced to Fernway. With my love for the four boys and Rescue Dawn, amazing things happened with the new member and a new name. As much as I hated the change at first, to my surprise, I fell in love with Fernways music even more.  Fernway is a Buffalo-based band made up of five members named RJ, Tanner, Jonah, Tommy and the newest addition, Brett.

On April 18th, I attended Fernways release show for their EP called “An Ache for Distant Places” at Mohawk Place in Buffalo, NY. The venue was most definitely at capacity, and the sold-out show was amazing. The opening bands included Ghostpool, Darling Harbor, Previous Love and Of Night and Light, these bands absolutely killed it and had the perfect level of energy to get the crowd pumped up and ready for Fernway. When Fernway got on stage, the crowd started chanting each member of the bands’ name. The entire experience was so exciting, and a smile didn’t leave my face the entire time. The EP opens with “Wishing Well”. This song starts with a catchy guitar riff and soon follows with drums, and ends with an exciting and upbeat mix. This made a great transition to the next song, “Bottled up” which starts with a similar mix and it just flows so nicely from one song to the next. After that, a throwback song called “Reflections”. This is one of the first songs I learned back in 2015. I found it on their band camp and it’s a perfect addition to Fernways sound. Next is “Headspace”. This song was released first on Fernways Facebook page as a music video, and Spotify with a track that might’ve burned my aux cord I played it so much. This song guaranteed that I would love Fernways sound as much as I loved Rescue Dawns sound. Lastly on the EP, “Dead Weight”. This song starts very strong and ends with a fade which makes you want to play it repeatedly, and makes you feel like you need to start the EP all over again.

“An Ache for Distant Places” is filled with music I didn’t know I needed in my life. These talented musicians created such an amazing sound to present to their fans. If you haven’t listened to Fernway yet, you must go right to SPOTIFY and add them to your playlist. If you want to support these incredible individuals even more, find Fernway on FACEBOOK and keep a lookout for when they play a venue near you! It’s worth every penny to buy your own copy of “An Ache for Distant Places”.

The photo presented above was taken by Meredith Snow at the Fernway EP Release Show. You can see the red-haired girl that looks like an idiot, and that would be me! You can find the rest of her amazing photos HERE.

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