Best Rock Guitarist of 2017?

Music Radar created a poll of “Who is the best rock guitarist of 2017?” The choice is easy in my book, but check out your options and pick who you think truly deserves it! I chose Satchel of Steel Panther because he has got some of the most amazing talents I’ve ever seen. His guitar riffs are incredible and the show that he and his bandmates provide is much more than any other regular band. With all this coming into one choice, I truly believe that Satchel deserves this.  Even if you don’t necessarily like the type of music they play or the lyrics of their songs, it’s not hard to see the talent that each one of the boys in Steel Panther has aside from that. Go vote!  Find the link here! Leave a comment below on who you picked and why you picked them!

Check out some covers that Steel Panther has done…

Don’t Stop Believing

I Want it that Way