About Me



My name is Taylor Murphy, I am currently 20  and I love photographing local and touring bands in my hometown of Rochester NY!

I  love all genres of music, I am a huge KISS fan, and I have a soft spot for local bands! So if you are local to the Rochester area you've probably seen me out at a show! (ya know... pre-pandemic.)

I have had the pleasure of photographing these local bands including, but not limited to, 1000HP, 6's & 7's, Bitter Locks, American Acid, Ritual Walk, Rescue Dawn, Adrenaline, X The Sky, Attic 39, The Results, Finish Last, Envious Disguise, So Last Year, and more!

I have also had the pleasure of photographing/working with some touring bands/solo artists such as Ace Frehley, Dokken, Godsmack, Eric Singer, The Misfits, Andrew W.K., She Demons, Joey Belladonnas Cheif Big Way and more!

I started my photography business in 2015. I followed in my mom's footsteps, as she has been a wedding photographer for over 30+ years.  I am lucky enough to have a great and amazing support system around me for my dreams of going to every live concert I can, singing in my free time, and photographing those live shows I go to!

My Aunt Paula, My grandma Mimi, and my parents Michelle and Billy bought me my first camera in early 2014. I was so very excited since I've always wanted my own camera and had never really gotten to use one. I realized quickly that my love for taking photographs could soon turn into a business. I have been blessed with tickets to almost any show I want to go to, regardless if I purchase them or if my parents do. I have always gotten a ride there from my sister Melanie, my brother-in-law Nick, or one of my parents. I am so lucky!


My Achievements + Proud Moments

I have a lot of things I consider achievements!!

For one, I have been fortunate enough to see KISS live 20+ times! Most of which were in the middle of the ocean. Those are probably the coolest memories I will ever have.

Ive also seen Steel Panther over 15 times, a handful of those being on the Kruise! Thats where I originally found them and their music. [Listen.. with.. Caution?]

For my 15th birthday, I went to see the Misfits. When Jerry Only got the information that it was my birthday after the show, he took my mom and me to the merch table to get a couple of shirts and then backstage. He and his son waited and sang me Happy Birthday at midnight on my actual birthday! It was the most amazing birthday experience ever!

One last one... When on the KISS KRUISE, I was front row, and Gene was right above me! I had a phone case of me and gene on it (a prior photo of him and me from a prior KISS KRUISE and I was showing him while recording, and Gene Simmons took my phone out of my hand, and started showing the phone case to the crowd, but also recorded the crowd! It was incredible!

I'm so lucky to be able to have these memories and be able to create new musical ones thanks to my family, and especially my mother Michelle, and stepfather Billy.

If you'd like your name on the list above...

If you'd like your bands name on this list....

You should contact me! I am always interested in inquiries! I stay local to the Rochester area, but go out to buffalo, and the Niagara falls area. Please send an email! I love working with new people!

If you are not from the local area of Rochester and you are looking for a venue to play at, I'd be willing to help you out! All you have to do is contact me!

- Taylor