2020 End of the Year Update

I cant believe I started this all just over 3 years ago. To think this was all created with such high hopes of a almost graduated 16 year old. In my senior year, watching as my Aunt slowly got worse. I remember this is one of the last things I got to show her I accomplished.

Although I don’t use this as much as I used to, I am still using the STR name and really trying to make a brand for myself. I am so proud of what I have done so far, even if it is straying away from my original intentions.

Throughout 2020, I got a full time job, quit my job to try to kick start my business, went back to School for Public Relations and Journalism, dropped out of school-because online pandemic school is not really school- got my job back, and now I am waiting out my days until I can leave again. I just really want things to work out for me. To have an income via my personal business that I have been trying to customize and fully form around me for almost 4 years.

I make some cool stuff- Tshirts, masks, signs, rolling trays, custom cartoon photos, keychains… you name it, i can probably make it! Thats what i have been doing lately. Along with my Amazon group, so if you like shopping on there, you should probably join if you like Amazon!! (click here)

Hopefully this place will be updated soon! I am working on getting it back to current posts and utilizing it more!




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