2017 Recap!

Will Byington Photography © 2017

Can you guys believe the year is almost over? I wanted to make a post about all the musical adventures and trips I took in 2017.

The year started with the booking KISS Kruise VII and an entire 7 months off paying it off… I went down to NYC with my High School Choir for a few days. We saw three Broadway musicals including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, School of Rock and Bandstand. The trip was absolutely amazing because we got to go on a tour of Radio City Music Hall and sing in a Cathedral which sounded beautiful. I was able to see Steel Panther for the first time since KISS Kruise V and I got called up on stage and serenaded by the boys. They sang “Girl from Oklahoma” and I was lucky enough to sing with them. After the show, I was given a “Backstage Pass” and got to hang out with them for a few hours. After that show, I started this blog with inspiration from a girl named Jaide. She runs her own blog called “shutupandrockon.com” where she does interviews, news, and reviews. After talking with a few people smalltownrocker.com was born! With the new blog up and running I started going after getting some press passes. I got my first one with Get The Led Out at the Rochester Lilac Festival. Photographing that was incredible because there were so many people there and I was on stage taking photos! There were a  few photographers at that event but I was the only one permitted on stage! The next pass I got was for Revered Horton Heat. They’re the best rockabilly band I have ever seen. That event took place at Montage. The place was packed and I was the only photographer at that event. I started August with Smithradio Band at New Roots Coffeehouse. This band was created by Scott Patterson who was formally known as Luke Danes from Gilmore Girls. I originally went because he was from Gilmore Girls but I left with another band I liked! I didn’t go because of the blog but you can read more about that day here. Mid August my parents and I went out to Niagara Falls for the weekend for a few concerts. We started with Styx & REO and then the next night KISS! The month of September was pretty empty. October started off with Steel Panther at Rapids Theater again and I was really excited about that because I got to see them in April, then October and they had been announced on KISS Kruise VII as well. I was called up on stage for that show, too! My mom somehow ended up on stage right next to me as well. It was a memorable show! About a month after that concert I flew out to New Orleans for KISS Kruise VII. That Kruise was probably the best one out of the 5 I have been on. The bands that were on board were Extreme, Steel Panther, Big Rock Show, Biters, Ki, Jake J and the Killjoys, Sophie Simmons, The Dives, Led Zepagain and Derek St. Holms. All of these musicians were incredible! There was a KISS Konfidential panel as well that included Bob and Bruce Kulick, “Big” John Harte, Lydia Criss, and Michael James Jackson.  I got to hang out with George Lopez too, so that was cool. If you want to be apart of KISS KRUISE VIII, join the pre-sale!

Since 2017 isn’t over yet, I still have a couple concerts left for the year!
December 9th I  have Dokken at The Historic German House! You can get tickets here. Use the code “Metalforever10” to get $10 off! My friend Jaide over at Shutupandrockon.com is hosting it! After that show, Jaide and I leave for Cleveland for Steel Panther at House of Blues on December 12th! If you want tickets to that event click here.

I hope 2018 is as eventful as 2017 was! Can’t wait to see what next year brings me. If you want me to be at an event be sure to email me at smalltownrockertaylor@gmail.com or comment below!



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